To embark on the journey of creating a screenplay is a labor of love. For some, it’s a one time shot and for others it can be a lifelong ride.  You know in your heart of hearts that you have a story to tell and it must be told.  It’s a commitment.


There are many ways to tell those stories; novels, short stories, essays, graphic novels or home produced, on the spot video.


The screenplay, and knowing the ins and outs of how to write one is a brilliant way of getting your story out of your head and onto paper, or a computer.  The process itself forces the most important aspects of the story into focus and leaves little room for excess.  It trains the writer to be able to access a completely visual style of writing and releases a creative ability that will allow the writer to hint at a characters deeply meaningful emotions and thoughts in the slightest of gestures without have to explain their thought process.  ‘Show, don’t tell’.

As an example I have used the process of writing a screenplay as a precursor to novels, the complete 120 page screenplay acts as a template or a guide that I use to write the full novel, specifically in prose.  In the end I have a novel that can be published and a screenplay at hand, just on the off chance that my novel is a million seller and the production companies come running.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s always nice to be prepared!


These are, in general, the main aspects of a screenplay that need to be understood in order to write a successful screenplay:

The process.

Log lines.

tag lines.

Character development.

The treatment.



The screenplay.

Presentation and Binding.

The re-write/s.

The Pitch.

Letting it go.


I will take you through the process creating a full 120 page, 1st draft screenplay – from the wonderful idea to bound, in your hand script

I can adapt your story or novel into a full 120 page, Hollywood ready screenplay, or I can take you through the process that I have created and used.

I can take you through the process of rewriting your screenplay, because, the 1st draft is only the beginning of the journey.