Blog Post 2: “Scrivener in my head.” The shameless plug.

On a fairly recent outing, I bought a beautiful hand made pen at a specialty shop in Dunfanaghy, County Donegal.  Blonde wood with silver fittings, simple with no frills and a comfortable size for a nice grip when the writing gets intense.  I love my pen and I take vicious good care of it.  There is no feeling in the world like writing with a quality pen on a nice blank sheet of paper.  Unfortunately I don’t get to use it much. ‘Much’ being about three times a week.

Scrivener is the culprit.


On September 15, 2011., I was frantic, FRANTIC I say… searching for a way out of the desperate wastelands of Microsoft Word. While browsing the wild and woolly avenues of the interwebs and getting lost in the weaving alleys of software cities, the technical structures and half empty digital buildings most of which were gorgeous on the outside but proved desolate within… dark promises of structures not yet complete, Searching.

On that day, I stumbled across SCRIVENER.

Since 2011, Scrivener is my go to Application software for ALL my writing needs, save one.  At some point I will discuss the ‘ONE’ in detail but for now I will say simply that the one is specific to screenwriting.

Scrivener is GOLD, It does everything a writer requires from one page cover letters to ‘War and Peace’ length technical journals.  It provides templates for novels, novels with parts, stage plays, nonfiction, and poetry.  You can insert photography, graphs, footnotes and links.. you can do all these things or just write. All these templates are formatted and prepared according to publishing standards and presented in the best way possible:  Open the application, choose a template, and write! Just write to hearts desire.

When you have completed your next bestseller, you can configure and compile your work as an E-book, a PDF, print, novel, web page… or even Microsoft Word.  Scrivener will then export your work Publisher ready.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 16.32.10

Its a brilliant application, the learning curve gentle and can be purchased for Macintosh and Windows.  I amn’t much of a ‘tablet’ person, but they also have an iOS version (I understand an android version is well on the way) for those of you who are.  They also have a mind mapper called SCAPPLE, which a fantastic tool for organising thoughts in a visual manner.

Its easy, it does everything, except wash your dishes, but even the best feature yet.. it’s REALLY really, SUPER inexpensive. Under $50 U.S. dollars (under €50 Euro as well – of course!) , and only $20 for the iOS.  They even offer educational licenses.

Go check it out, Really it’s AMAZING!

Their website is: Literature and Latte. Feeling adventurous?


Happy Writing!


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