BLOG POST 1: “Writer, into the dark night go I.” or “Screaming and kicking.”

I have been putting off a serious and focused commitment to an interweb presence for the last ten years, I’ve been playing at it, futzing around with it, yes.  Never really wanting to undertake the process of designing a website as a presentation of life work simply due the paralyzing anxiety of failing at it. The Big Dream, The final push.  This is it, and it’s terrifying.

Anxiety.  Now there’s a trigger word if ever there was one!  Not just the layman’s anxiety, but the full blown, clinical… Let me take a deep breath as the screen warbles and the walls close in!  Ahem, clinical Anxiety.  The kind you have to get a diagnosis for.

I can leave the topic of Anxiety for another time, suffice it to say, that it came to a vital point of self reckoning here, recently, that I really need to make a quantitative move, take an action that would 1. be symbolic of getting on top of my fear of failure, and 2. Time is running out!  Yolo my friends, YOLO!

For those that have no clue as to what YOLO means (I just recently, was clued in myself) I will happily let you in on the secret:  You Only Live Once.

So here it is, a fully functioning, semi-Kevin designed website, really just an amped up WordPress bloggy froggy with a bit of pre-programmed bell and whistle to keep things on the up and up.   The text is a work in progress as I work out the best ways to ‘express my self marketing voice’ in between hours of dialogue bashes and novel squishing.

So  I am officially calling this online ‘ME’ offically active.  Online and into the dark night go I, bell bottoms blazing.  It looks like I am in this for the long haul. Someone once told me: ‘a writers life is, at best… solitary, and at worst, um-solitary.’   I think thats a load of shit.  This action, this movement to get on top of that fear of failure once and for all is meant to prove that statement absolutely incorrect.

Yep It looks like I’m on my own here.

Time to throw it off a cliff and see if it flies.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 04.58.07

2 Replies to “BLOG POST 1: “Writer, into the dark night go I.” or “Screaming and kicking.””

  1. You are beautiful. I love ❤️ you much. And your amazing brilliance will shine in all its perfectly imperfect glory. You have much to say… say on my friend

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