Saguaro. (Scene 5-a)

I enjoy the process of writing scenes in screenplay format, moving back and forth between traditional prose and screenplay formats is useful for me in a many ways.  I can get a wonderful sense of the visual aspects of the scene which deeply inform how I can later execute the same scene in a novel or short story.  This scene is pulled from the Chronicles of Señorita Saguaro, who appears in brief moments in the story; DOMINION, but eventually becomes a major player in its sequels.



Fists clench around the chrome handles of the gray iron gantry hatch.  This is Earth.  Cold.  The sun slides across the lines of the horizon and the wind howls through the jet wisps of his hair.
The APPRENTICE watches through squinted eyes; the fires of the sorceress.
The WOMAN’s voice is raspy, her lips slick with whiskey and tequila.  Liquor for spewing.

She is the sorceress, the dreamer of dragons, where dragons have long since faded away.

There are no dragons. Not here, never. Nunca fueron, muchacho!


She throws back the bottle and fills her cheeks, reaches down and grasps a red hot coal from the blasted wreckage.
She spews the liquor into the on coming night.  FIRE!  She throws the coal back into the wreckage, it bounces off the skull of her mother and lands at the feet of the apprentice.

Mexihca spreads.  The dark ones are onto us!

We dream them dead! OR there will be dragons.  Sure enough.


The woman nods slowly and retrieves her mother’s skull from the fire.  The eye sockets glow orange-red as the sun dips below the crests of the Sierra Madre.

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